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Wide Format Printing

We can produce virtually any large format project in vivid, full digital color for distinct visibility. When your Image needs to be big; art prints, posters, trade show booths, signage, and banners,  we can make them big. Photo quality images at 1200-dpi up to 70" wide are no problem. You can print on almost any substrate from flexible and rigid, vinyl to archival paper and artist canvas. We offer in-house laminating and mounting for your finishing needs.

The Jetrix 2030 is the fastest printer in the Jetrix range, with a production speed of 55sqm per hour. It comes with Light Cyan and Light Magenta and an optional White ink, for production of stunning graphics at amazing speeds. It also boasts a primer function for printing on to traditionally difficult substrates, such as glass and metals.

The Konica Minolta heads are able to print text down to 2pts in size, accurately, powered by the unique Jetrix operating system which is incredibly functional whilst easy-to-use. Inside these heads you have InkTec’s world-class tailor made UV ink which is vibrant, durable, long-lasting and economical.

The oversize flat-bed is perfect for large jobs, with the capability to take a 2m x 3m board and print it edge-to-edge. There is also a roll-to-roll option available which makes the printer completely versatile for a huge variety of applications.



Size: Stationary flatbed: 2050 x 3060mm, Roll: 1620mm
Speed: 55 sqm/hr (production mode)
Colours: CMYK, LC, LM & White, Primer available


14 Picoliter: 1024 nozzles
True flatbed capability capability: Print heavy, non-square objects
Roll printing system up to 1.6 metres: Vinyl, mesh, textiles, paper, canvas, etc
Anti-head crash system: Safety & no loss of printing job.
Intelligent vaccum table system: Media alignment bar. Easy to use
Remote control for easy maintenance: Perfect solution for distributor
White, varnish, Primer: Total printing solution supplies

HP L25500 Latex Wide Format Printer

              Features of HP L25500


Last Update: 06/11/2015